Information for Parents

Understanding the Benefits

As parents, we all want our children to have the opportunity to maximize their potential in school and in life. Sometimes, achieving that potential requires a re-thinking of traditional ways of doing things. When research and common sense support new ideas, dramatic improvements can happen – but parents need to be educated advocates!

Desks that allow users to stand and move have been changing paradigms in offices for years. The Marvel Focus Desk delivers those benefits to children, and combines them with teacher-recommended features to boost organization, focus, and collaboration for a uniquely positive result.


Stand-option desks have been shown through research to deliver many positive benefits:

Improved working memory and processing

Research shows that movement helps children think! The sensory feedback activated by standing helps children access working memory and process information more efficiently. This effect is especially pronounced in children with learning differences like ADHD, dyslexia, and autism.


Increased alertness and focus

Standing desks help children stay engaged in classroom activities. We all experience the tendency to “zone out” when forced to sit for long periods of time. Studies have shown that standing can increase student focus by up to 15%, leading to better understanding and improved test scores.


Enhanced physical health

Childhood obesity is a national crisis: the American Heart Association estimates that one out of three American kids and teens are overweight. Sedentary lifestyles, including long hours of sitting in class, are major contributors to this health emergency. Standing desks offer an easy and practical way to help children burn calories and increase their activity levels.

How The Focus Desk Stands Out

The Focus Desk was designed in collaboration with real-world teachers and students to take standing desks to the next level.

  • Promotes independence, self-regulation, and positive decision-making skills
  • Customizable height fits every student for comfort and good posture

Built-in organization features inspire good habits

  • Integrated color-coded hanging folders
  • Divided storage compartments for notebooks, laptops, pencils, and other supplies
  • Backpack hook keeps floors clear and materials handy

Flexibility for today’s classrooms

  • Expandable work surface
  • Pop-up privacy walls for testing or quiet study
  • Casters or glides for easy mobility

Height adjustment that kids can operate

Talking to Your School

As your child’s advocate, you can work within your school to bring the benefits of The Focus Desk to the classroom. Educate yourself and use the networks already in place to support your child.

Classroom Teachers

Build a relationship with your child’s teacher. Teachers have the inside information to move your request forward: how to approach the administration for support, what types of funding are available, and how The Focus Desk would enhance their own classrooms. Partnerships with teachers benefit everyone!

Special Education Teachers

For children with learning challenges like dyslexia, ADHD, and autism, The Focus Desk has particular benefits. Research shows that subtle movements, like standing, fidgeting, and shifting weight, support mental processing for these children. The Focus Desk promotes self-regulation for children who might otherwise become too restless or disruptive as they seek sensory feedback. Consider whether The Focus Desk could be made part of your child’s IEP, and discuss the benefits of this unique classroom tool with the special education experts in your school.


Identify individual administrators responsible for technology and other purchasing. Be ready to explain how The Focus Desk delivers benefits to all children that may lead to better test scores, behavior, and other measurable effects.

Parent Organizations

PTOs and PTAs frequently fund equipment purchases that go beyond the school’s planned expenditures. A successful pilot program with PTO funds can lead to larger investments by funded by the districts.


Billions of dollars are available to support schools through public and private grants – it just takes time to research and apply. Talk to your child’s teacher about how you can help. Check out these helpful tips from to jump start your successful grant request journey and bring the benefits of The Focus Desk to your school!

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