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The Marvel Group has been a leading American manufacturer of Office Furniture since 1946. For over 70 years, we have been supplying companies throughout the world with high quality panel systems and modular desks.

Our wide range of experience allowed us to pivot quickly when a need came about for Personal Protective Partitions for the Office. Our development team came together and the P3 line was created to serve every situation that we could think of.

Whether you have an open office, panel system, reception desk, conference room, or classroom, we have a partition to keep you safe.

The Focus Series is a Unique Line of Sit/Stand Desks
and Tables That Provides A Variety Of Solutions For Your School. 

Sit/stand desks have been proven to enhance students’ ability to focus. Standing during lessons increases attentiveness
in class and provides a non-disruptive outlet for natural movement. Students release more excess energy by standing
at their desks than in a traditional seated classroom. 
The Feathertouch Lift System™ allows students to adjust the desk height within seconds... no assistance - no tools!


New Case Study: Movement-Friendly Desk Transforms Classrooms
for Children with Learning Challenges - Read More

Focus Desk in Classroom

The Original Focus Desk was Designed with Teachers and Students at the University of Chicago Hyde Park Day School to
create a desk that fulfilled the wish lists of teachers and students alike. The Focus Desk incorporates a host of their
classroom-tested recommendations, including:

• Smooth-rolling casters for easy group work or seating re-arrangements
• A fold-down shelf for extendable work space
• Integrated, color-coded hanging folders to promote organization
• Dedicated storage solutions for tablets, notebooks, and backpacks
• Pop-up privacy walls for testing or focused study
• Adjusts from 26" - 36" in Height.

Kids Adjust the Focus Desk

The Focus Desk XT is the next generation of sit/stand desks. It was designed to accommodate students in Middle School,
High School, and College. Students can adjust the desk height to work seated or standing without teacher assistance or
disturbing the class. 2” Furniture Casters allow the desk to maneuver easily for any desired layout or educator technique. 

• Smooth-rolling casters for easy group work or seating re-arrangements
• Available with or without a fold-down shelf for extendable workspace
• Dedicated storage solutions for tablets, notebooks
• Adjusts from 28" - 42" in Height.

 Adjustable Height Activity Tables

Focus Activity Tables create a versatile multipurpose work space for any school, library, or office.
Ideal For MakerSpaces!

These mobile tables will enable students and teachers to move, work, and collaborate with ease. The 48” (or 60”) wide
table top can be used by multiple individuals to work simultaneously while comfortably sitting or standing. These tables
are ideal for classrooms, libraries and maker spaces.

• Smooth-rolling casters for easy group work or seating re-arrangements
• Adjusts from 28" - 42" in Height.